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I just hope and pray that after this day, everyday between the two of us will be alright. I really wanted to be with you all of my days. I want to be happy again, for real. Show who really I am. To be loved. To love. Cherished every day and night with you. I know I’ve been a bad creature to you…

sweet tho. :)


Maybe - Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack

it is bitter sweet- bitter amd sweet. bitter because i proved that once trust is broken,it will never be the exact same thing before. sweet,cause somehow,i know, deep inside her there’s a spot for me in her heart…i love her though i feel like giving up…but it’s not like an ordinary relationship that you can just let go. what we have is extra ordinary…we were extra ordinary individuals fall in love,apart and we never know what’s next.

if i could write a blog everynight to release the pain,i would. aand i should. she’s still the one,there will be no one like her. goodbye to yesterdays,and goodbye to pain. hello to a deeper pain. goodbye sweet yesterdays,and hello to bitter tomorrows.

it’ll never be the same, but this love of mine has no plan of changing nor giving up. God is on my side so I know,there’s no reason to stop loving you—though it hurts a lot,i would stay.


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